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There have been many instances in the past where we have seen the high safety features that an emergency exit lock provides. Many countries have set up strict guidelines and regulations when it comes to emergency exit locks. It has become mandatory for business owners to install emergency exit locks like push bars at their building for the safety of their employees and customers. Push bars provide an effective and quick means of exit in the case of an emergency. If you have a business in Memphis, TN and want to install push bars at your facility then get in touch with us, we will install, maintain and repair it as and when required.

How push bars work?

The best aspect of a push bar is the quick unlocking feature that it provides. It comprises of a spring-loaded bar that when pushed unlatches the door allowing the occupants to leave the building quickly. 

Push bar has been carefully designed keeping in mind the panic and chaos that comes with an emergency situation. For example, it becomes almost impossible to see through smoke during a fire or explosion. In such a case, if instead of a push bar, there are knobs and keys installed at an emergency exit door, it will become very difficult for people to exit the building. Also, more often than not poor management and lack of emergency exit locks can lead to situations like stampedes. To avoid any such situation, push bars should be installed.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?Golden Locksmith Services Memphis, TN 901-444-3693

Push bars have a very secure mechanism that makes it impossible for intruders to get in from the outside. Push bars make for an easy and quick emergency exit option but if someone is trying to enter the building using a door installed with a push bar, then it is almost impossible to do so, given that the push bar is in peak condition. Get in touch with Golden Locksmith Services and we will help you choose a push bar model that will suit your building’s requirement.

Our service availability:

Some locks need to be maintained even after installation to ensure that there is no vulnerability of any kind. One such lock is a push bar. You need to make sure that it is always in top - grade condition so that there is no penalty imposed from concerned authorities. Golden Locksmith Services offers regular checks and maintenance to ensure that your locks are always in working condition. In case you notice any weakness in the lock, you can reach out to us any time of the day, any day of the week and we will sort out any problem in a single session.

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