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Getting new car keys made in today’s day and age can become a hassle simply because new keys cost a lot and second since there is a lot of sophisticated technology involved, there is a good chance that even your car dealer will take some time to furnish new keys. But if you need new car keys and you end up choosing us, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how accurately and quickly we make new car keys that too at a fraction of the cost that your car dealer will charge. Golden Locksmith Services has helped countless commuters in Memphis, TN by making new car keys on the side of the road in a single session.Golden Locksmith Services Memphis, TN 901-444-3693

The art of key making

Key of any kind no matter how simple or complicated takes skill and experience to make or duplicate. Any untrained or inexperienced person cannot simply claim to be a master in the key making by looking at a few DIY videos on the internet. Key making is an art and takes years of practice to master. Mastering key making of complex structures even more difficult and a professional with the right education and exposure to such keys can only make such keys. Golden Locksmith Services has experts that can take on simple as well as complex and highly advanced key making tasks, simply because we have carefully hired and invested in training them so that they can make any kind of key.

Professional tools for a superior outcome

Getting car keys made from an unreliable source can lead to complications in the future. There are some tell – tale signs that will tell you if you have hired the wrong firm for new car keys. An unprofessional firm may not always have the right tools and gadgets at their disposal and more often than not might not be able to provide you with solutions such as making transponder keys on the spot. But if you choose Golden Locksmith Services you won’t face such issues. Our mobile locksmith vans are fitted with the latest tools and gadgets that even allow us to program transponder keys on the side of the road.

The keys we work with

Keys may look simple from the outside but the complex structure running through a key fob can be tricky to understand. Everything needs to work in tandem to open the car and any fault in the structure can lock you out of the car. To handle such complex structures, you need the help of a locksmith firm that deals day in and day out with complex key structures. One such firm is Golden Locksmith Services. We have some of the best auto locksmiths who have high knowledge of varied complex key structures.

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