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Automobiles are changing every day. Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, self-driving cars are always in the news for one thing or another. But how many of us realize that with the change in structure and innovations in the vehicles, there is also a noticeable improvement in how we lock our vehicles. Transponder keys and laser car keys are becoming common and almost every new car is offering them. That is why there is a need to have a technician on – call who can understand the modern issue and take care of it then and there. Using the services of your car dealer is costly as well as time-consuming. A car towing service may not be able to handle the complex structure of a transponder key. That is where a locksmith service like Golden Locksmith Services comes in. Not only are our locksmiths trained to handle new and advanced technologies but we also do it faster than anyone else.

How do we replace lost Keys? Golden Locksmith Services Memphis, TN 901-444-3693

If you have lost or misplaced your car key, it is important not only to get a new key but it is also important to reprogram the locks with a new combination that only works with the new key. Golden Locksmith Services can create and reprogram new transponder keys even on the side of the road using the sophisticated technology and gadgets at our disposal.

Extracting broken keys from locks:

Constant usage can make the keys of your vehicle weak and there is a good chance that during normal operation the key might break into the lock. It is always advised to call a professional to retrieve the key rather than plucking it out on your own as you might end up damaging the lock as well. Our team of auto locksmiths will make sure that they retrieve the key without causing any damage to the lock.

Why choose Golden Locksmith Services?

Choosing an auto locksmith service over your car dealer can be a tough choice for many. Thoughts like “whether the locksmith will have enough expertise to deal with the complicated locks in your car” are sure to arise in the minds of a customer. We totally understand that and address that concern by hiring only the best talent in Memphis, TN. Our hiring process involves rigorous questioning and testing the skills of the individual by putting them through varied tasks. This helps us choose the best from the available options.
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