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Emergencies can be a byproduct of many things, some which we can control and some that are beyond our control. A small lapse in concentration and you are locked out of your car or home. This can lead to a halt in your day to day working and if you don’t find the required help then it can seriously alter your schedule.

In such a scenario, you will either end up breaking the lock or if you are able to control your frustration, you will end up calling a 24/7 locksmith & key service that will help you out immediately. One such service is Golden Locksmith Services. Our team is an expert at handling key-related issues and with our well-built network spread uniformly across Memphis, TN, you will get nothing less than prompt and effective response even at odd hours.

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Most of the service requests that we were receiving in the initial days of our existence were at odd hours when most of the locksmith firms were closed. We quickly realized the potential of opening a 24/7 locksmith and key service and haven’t looked back since then. We have helped countless individuals over the years at odd times such as 05:00 am in the morning and midnight without failing.

Quick Response

A deflated or delayed response in the case of an emergency will not make for a good impression on the customer. The first impression matters a lot and if your first impression leaves such a negative impact on the customer then he might not even call you again for regular tasks. That is why Golden Locksmith Services has invested in quick mobile locksmith vehicles so that our experts can reach the client in time.

Expertise and training

Reaching the client on time is one thing but if you don’t have the required expertise to deal with the emergency situation, then there is no point in saving precious time. That is why Golden Locksmith Services invests time and money in hiring and training the best locksmith talent available in Memphis, TN. You will be pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and work ethics of our professionals and how quickly they work to take control of an emergency locksmith situation.

New Key making service

Our 24/7 locksmith & key service is known for its key making services. We can make and duplicate any kind of key at client location in a single session. These keys are built to last for years and you will be able to use them without any problems. 

Call us on 901-444-3693 to reach our 24/7 locksmith & key services team.